I’ve started a series of video about battery testing on my YouTube channel, you can watch first video here.

On this page, I’ll keep a summary table about capacities of different batteries on different currents, and also here you can download raw .csv voltage-time data, if you’re interested.

In table you can find battery name, capacity that it gave at specified current, capacity that it gave after about 12h rest (second discharge is performed at 0.1A in all cases) to estimate how much capacity remains after first discharge, and efficiency, which I calculated as (capacity at first discharge)/(capacity at first discharge + capacity at second 0.1A discharge).

CSV files with raw voltage-current graphs can be found below the table.

NameCurrentCapacityCapacity after 12hEfficency
Carrefour i-Tech0.1A2414n/a1
Carrefour i-Tech0.2A20453820,843
Carrefour i-Tech0.5A112012350,476
Carrefour alkaline0.1A2280n/a1
Carrefour alkaline0.2A18884110,821
Carrefour alkaline0.5A97712000,449
Lexman standard0.1A2199n/a1
Lexman standard0.2A18221120,942
Lexman standard0.5A10458650,547
Lexman Intensive0.1A2167n/a
Lexman Intensive0.2A18142130,895
Lexman Intensive0.5A74211640,39